"System vision of life"
" System thinking: East-West"
Fritjof Capra
Austria, USA
Fritjof Capra, Ph.A physicist and systems theorist, he is the founder and Director of the center for environmental literacy in Berkeley, California. Capra is the author of several international bestsellers, including the Tao of physics (1975), the web of life (1996), and the Science of Leonardo (2007), Learning from Leonardo: decoding the diary of a genius (2012). His latest book, co-authored with Pierre Luigi Luisi, is an interdisciplinary monograph by Cambridge University press "a Systemic vision of life: a unifying approach" (2014).
Open lecture
12.05.2015 в 19:00
"System vision of life"
Фритьоф Капра - Открытая лекция по теме «Системное видение жизни»
Round table
14.05.2015 в 19:00
"System thinking: East-West"
Institute for sustainable development strategy (ANO), St. Petersburg, with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the European University in St. Petersburg invited to the Round table "System thinking: East-West" with the participation of an outstanding thinker of our time, the author of the book "Learning from Leonardo: deciphering the diaries of genius" (2012) and co-author of "System vision of life: a unifying approach" (2014) — interdisciplinary monograph publishing Cambridge University, Fridtjof Capra (Austria — USA).
The discussion was attended by a member of the club of Rome from Russia, a leading employee of the Institute of system analysis (Moscow), a leading researcher of the center for Environmental safety Mikhail Begak, Russian experts in various interdisciplinary fields.
Moderator of the discussion, Director of the Institute of sustainable development strategy, St. Petersburg, associate Professor Irina Shmeleva
The discussion will be held in English with simultaneous translation.
Lecture venue: Golden hall of the European University in St. Petersburg, Gagarinskaya str., building 3, 2nd floor
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