"Nature and power. World environmental history"
Joachim Radkau
Joachima Radkau-Professor of modern history at the University of Bielefeld, author of "Wood - a natural substance in the history of technology" (1987, 2007), "Technology in Germany: from the XVIII century to the present" (1989, 2009) and others.
The fact that in the Russian language the words "homeland" and "nature"
have the same root, must mean something
- Joachim Radkau
Open lecture
24.03.2015 в 17:00
"Nature and power. World environmental history"
March 24 in St. Petersburg will host a lecture by Joachim Radkau, an outstanding German historian, author of the book "Nature and power. World environmental history". The book was published in Russian translation By the publishing house of the Higher school of Economics in 2014. The first edition of the book was published in German in 2000 and the English translation of the book was awarded the prestigious world history Association award "the world History Association Bentley Book Prize" in 2009.
In the lecture, the author will present his famous book and discuss the state and prospects of environmental history in Europe, focusing on the role of Russia in the study and development of the environment, especially with regard to soil and forest – the Central themes of European environmental history.