Germany week in St. Petersburg 2017
Green universities: best practices
The main idea of the conference "Green universities: best practices" was to provide representatives of German and Russian universities with an opportunity to show and discuss projects for the development of green campuses of universities, to demonstrate their research and practical projects, to discuss the issue of motivation and involvement of students, University administration and teachers in the implementation and promotion of sustainable development goals adopted by the UN in 2015, the development of Green campus projects, educational programs and research projects in the interdisciplinary context of sustainable development.
The International conference "Sustainable development of universities, business and cities in Russia and Germany"was held in St. Petersburg on April 05 -12, 2017, under the auspices of the German Consulate. The conference was organized and held with the support of the government of the free Hanseatic city of Hamburg, in cooperation with The German house of science and innovation (DWIH), the information center of the German academic exchange service (DAAD), the Free University of Berlin, the Russian-German chamber of Commerce, the Council of rectors of St. Petersburg, ITMO University and the Institute for sustainable development strategy (ANO).

The second part of the conference "Green universities: best practices" was organized by the Institute of sustainable development strategy (ELN) in collaboration with the Institute of Design and urbanism of the University ITMO, with the support of the Government of the free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg and was held on 7 April from 16 to 20 hours in the hall of the Leonardo space boiling Point of the ASI at St. Doctors, 3.