"Ecological economy for a green city"
Stanislav Shmelev
Great Britain
Dr. Stanislav Shmelev was a senior researcher at Oxford University, visiting Professor at the University of Geneva, University of Paris, University of Versailles, national University of Colombia, Kazakh national University, taught at the European University and ITMO University in St. Petersburg. Dr. Stanislav Shmelev collaborates with international organizations such as the world conservation Union (IUCN), the United Nations development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations environment Programme and OECD (UNEP and OECD). He is the author of a number of scientific articles, author and co-editor of the book: "SustainabilityAnalysis: Interdisciplinary Approach" (Palgrave, 2012).

As a well-known contemporary artist and photographer, Dr. Stanislav Shmelev was exhibited in 2014 in five countries - Austria, Spain, Peru, great Britain and Russia.
Open lecture
23.06.2015 в 19:00
Environmental Economics for green city
Our guest - Dr. Stanislav Shmelev, Director of the non - governmental organization Environment Europe Ltd, Oxford, UK, author of the book "EcologicalEconomics: SustainabilityinPractice" (Springer, 2012), one of the best young economists of the world according to the German newspaper Handelsblatt (2013) and one of the 100 outstanding photographers in 2014-his work "ComplexSystems" published in the book "Stunning Photographs" edited by Annie Griffiths, national geographic (2014).
The lecture "Ecological economy for a green city" will show how the approach of ecological economy to the development of the city differs from traditional neoclassical views. Special attention will be paid to the role of the creative economy in the sustainable development of the green city. It will be shown how the methodology of ecological economy is used for the analysis of sustainable development of key world megacities: new York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro. The lecture will present the results of the author's research, the lecture will be accompanied by projections of the author's photos.
The open lecture starts at 19 o'clock. The lecture will be held in Russian.

Venue of the open lecture on may 23: conference hall of creative space "Taiga", Palace nab, 20, 2nd floor

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